The Client

Silver is a multi-disciplinary property and construction practice, skilled in delivering successful new build, regeneration and commercial projects of varying scale and complexity for both the private and public sectors.


The Challenge

  • A rapidly growing business without internal IT resources needed Conosco to become their IT department

Our Solution

  • Along with remote support, Silver also have an engineer on site every week


  • A close partnership that keeps Silver’s IT infrastructure ahead of the growing demands of their business.


What Silver Say About Conosco

“Conosco have been able to adapt to our growing needs and implement the right solutions to maintain and enhance our business efficiency. We set high standards for our own service levels, and we expect our suppliers to demonstrate similar commitment to excellence. On this basis, we’ve formed a good relationship with the Conosco team, and we rely on them to deliver effective and reliable IT support.” – Sarah Odell, Group Director

How we did it


Silver (then Cyril Silver and Partners LLP) came to us in 2012. Their server had failed and their existing IT company were at a loss on how to fix it. We came to the rescue and got the server up and running. Silver breathed a collective sigh of relief and they retained Conosco as their IT partners.

Comprehensive Service

Since then, we have functioned as the Silver IT department. Our brief extends from day-to-day managed computing to large-scale projects such as setting up a new server, migrating to Office 365 and developing new file storage solutions. We have also assisted Silver with an office move in 2014, relocating hardware (desktops, docking stations, laptops), installing a guest wireless network and new fibre connectivity with ADSL backup.


When Silver began working with us, they had a team of 15 people. This team now numbers about 70, which means that the IT needs of Silver continue to evolve. They rely on their partnership with Conosco to ensure that their IT infrastructure is able to support this their planned expansion. For us, this means being able to set up new users quickly and efficiently, adapting their IT infrastructure to a larger user base, and making sure that users get all the support they need.

We realised Silver needed a Conosco engineer onsite one day per week as well as remote support. This proved to be an efficient solution for Silver as they can now choose between remote or onsite support on a case-by-case basis.

Having an engineer onsite also helps us to identify any additional IT projects that will generate cost savings for Silver and assist with the growth of the business. As part of our ongoing strategic guidance and support, we schedule weekly calls and monthly meetings to ensure IT strategy is driving our support and services, and that we’re able to support any changing business processes and evolving objectives.

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