Client: Six Physio

Six Physio is an award-winning physiotherapy group with 12 physiotherapy clinics in London where they assist clients from assessment and diagnosis through to treatment and rehabilitation. Six Physio has ambitious expansion plans to add many more clinics to their London network.


The Challenge

  • Implement a scalable IT infrastructure for simple, cost-effective new site roll-outs.
  • Provide IT strategy and direction in the absence of an in-house IT infrastructure
  • Open new clinics around London that are operational from day one

Our Solution

  • Set up fully cloud-based infrastructure including an IaaS platform to host centrally accessible services such as e-mail and data storage/sharing
  • Implemented a PC replacement programmeDeadline-driven clinic setups with best-of-breed hardware, software and connectivity
  • Application consultancy and annual budgeting
  • Ensured all clinics meet strict security and compliance standards


  • Seamless, secure access to the office environment and standardised hardware across all sites
  • New clinics are able to operate efficiently and grow a new client base from day one.
  • Remove the need for expensive in-house IT resources
  • A steady stream of new business in line with budgeted forecasts

What Six Physio say about Conosco

“As a growing business, we need IT support that evolves with our needs. We have a shared belief with Conosco in the value of partnerships – working together, we continue to use technology to our advantage to make sure that all our clinics run efficiently and provide the best possible service to our customers. We are so utterly reliant on our IT working it’s a nightmare when it fails. That so rarely happens now and if it does I know it’ll get fixed promptly. Conosco have been an outstanding partner right from the beginning and I genuinely can’t recommend them highly enough and there aren’t many other businesses I would say that about!”
– Rupert Crowfoot, CEO

How we did it

Centralisation and Standardisation

Six Physio approached us in 2009 to take on the growing company’s IT requirements. Although the company had no internal IT expertise, they recognised that technology was essential to facilitate the growth they envisioned.

Our first step was to centralise Six Physio’s infrastructure on the Conosco hosting platform to deliver multiple services such as e-mail, data storage and data sharing.

We recognised that centralised services and standardised equipment would facilitate fast, efficient and cost effective site roll-outs. All Six Physio sites are now connected via Conosco’s MPLS, providing a private wide area network. This gives Six Physio an enterprise-class infrastructure on which to base their business.

We also identified the need to standardise Six Physio’s hardware. To achieve this, we set up a PC replacement programme to harmonise hardware across all clinics.

Growth Management

We created a ‘template’ to guarantee seamless clinic set-ups across multiple London locations. For every new clinic we set up, we provide new connectivity and hardware. This involves provisioning and configuring routers, wireless access points, switches, PCs, laptops and printers as well as working with building contractors to ensure clinics have the required cabling and physical infrastructure to host the necessary equipment. Each new clinic also undergoes a rigorous testing procedure to ensure business continuity and evolve the set-up process.

Above all, we ensure deadlines are met. Appointments are booked from the first day a new clinic opens, so there is no margin for error. On every occasion, the IT requirements have been set up on time and to budget.


As their trusted IT partner, it was our responsibility to assess Six Physio’s patient management software and ensure it was fit for purpose. Our expert consultants undertook a detailed, thorough assessment of the product, made informed recommendations and managed any necessary modifications.

As part of this consultancy, we also created an annual IT budget in line with agreed commercial outcomes. The budgets included fixed price managed computing and all project work required during the year, such as infrastructure upgrades, office moves and clinic openings.

Protecting a Key Client Relationship

Physiotherapists from Six Physio work onsite at the Bank of New York Mellon every week. We ensure that the Six Physio IT infrastructure is fit to meet the bank’s strict security compliance standards, such as confirming the complexity of passwords and ensuring the infrastructure is protected and centrally managed. This led to a growing business relationship between Six Physio and BNY Mellon.

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