Conosco Advantage Consultancy

Conosco Advantage is our unique business consultancy service that applies our technological expertise to in-depth business insight.

The phrase ‘Beyond IT’ was chosen as the ideal way to communicate the understanding we have of how IT impacts every aspect of your business and how we use that insight to guide the strategic consultancy we provide.


Does your business need additional consultancy?


As with all our services, we will only recommend those that are appropriate for your business needs. There is already a strategic component to all the services we offer. For many businesses, this combination of strategy, technology and support is more than enough to deliver every commercial objective you have set.


However, some clients may also benefit from a formal consultancy process, which we call Conosco Advantage.


Delivered by senior managers and directors with many years’ experience, we:

  • Review business processes
  • Interview staff
  • Understand key drivers, business objectives and pain points


This allows us to:

  • Set an overall IT strategy
  • Specify system requirements
  • Select systems and suppliers
  • Advise and watch over implementations


Conosco Advantage looks at the human, as well as the technological assets of your business. The output is a clear path that defines the steps you need to take to translate the evolution of your IT into a means to achieve enterprise level objectives.


Conosco Advantage is unparalleled in the mid-market IT sector for its ability to help you to align fundamental business processes with your IT strategy.





The Evolution of IT

Are you looking for ways to optimise your IT infrastructure and develop an IT strategy to facilitate your business growth?

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