Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Fire, theft, flood, cyber attacks and other disasters that prevent your business from operating are believed to be rare events, and we tend to put them to the back of our minds. But unavoidable interruptions are not as scarce as many think: in fact, more than 50% of SMEs have faced some sort of cyber attack. Despite this, many businesses do not have sufficient business continuity planning in place.


Our business continuity and disaster recovery strategies offer a high level of protection against any eventuality – before, during and after it happens.


The first step in this process is business continuity planning. Based on a thorough knowledge of your IT systems and the key commercial drivers of your business, we can design the appropriate protective measures to match your threats and budget. The cost of an absolute level of protection could well ruin your business on its own, so it is important to identify and prioritise the key threats and weaknesses.

As a final step, we conduct tests to ensure that all parts of the plan will work in practice.

We make sure you have a clear plan in place should disaster strike and the effect of our foresight on business continuity can be seen in these case studies.





The Evolution of IT

Are you looking for ways to optimise your IT infrastructure and develop an IT strategy to facilitate your business growth?

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