Remote Working

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • Two-thirds of managers claim that remote working increases productivity
  • A study conducted by Stanford University saw employee turnover halve among remote workers
  • According to PGI, 80% of remote workers had higher morale
  • Remote working has been shown to reduce absenteeism by almost 70%

(Source: Remote)


We specialise in working with companies with multiple sites and enabling businesses to get the best out of their people wherever they are based.


With such clear business benefits to remote working, we developed a structured process to enable remote working while addressing concerns about the safety of sensitive information through server, laptop and email encryption.

There are many technical ways of enabling remote working. The key is to choose the right option for your business. Our experience and expertise will guide you through the entire process and deliver quantifiable benefits as these case studies demonstrate.





The Evolution of IT

Are you looking for ways to optimise your IT infrastructure and develop an IT strategy to facilitate your business growth?

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