Virtualisation Services

Well-structured virtualisation builds a high degree of flexibility into your business, generates significant cost-savings and improves scalability.  

The problem with multiple servers

Because best practice dictates that you only run one application on each server, companies with outdated solutions have huge racks of expensive, inefficient servers, each running a single application. This means that each server uses only a small percentage of its resources, with occasional spikes in usage.

How server virtualisation solves this problem

Server virtualisation allows multiple, self-contained ‘virtual machines’ to run on a single physical server. This allows them to share the physical server’s resources.

  • The server’s resources are used more consistently and efficiently
  • This saves hardware and running costs
  • The server infrastructure takes up less space onsite
  • Virtual servers are also easier to manage, backup and restore, giving excellent protection against unforeseen disasters, such as fire or theft.  

Our virtualisation services will give you your own highly flexible, remotely accessible IT infrastructure.

Virtualisation services are a key part of the value we deliver to our clients and we are experts in all major virtualisation platforms, including VMware, Xen, and Microsoft Hyper V.

Our case studies demonstrate the value of our virtualisation services.





The Evolution of IT

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