Computer Maintenance and Monitoring

Many IT system outages are preventable with proactive system and computer maintenance and good monitoring. We use a combination of automated enterprise-class systems and daily human checklists to minimise downtime.

These processes are managed  by a dedicated, ring-fenced systems team which ensures that maintenance does not suffer in peak periods.

To keep your systems running, we implement:

  • Monitoring agents installed on all servers and PCs.
  • Remote monitoring tools for all servers and network devices.
  • Monitoring of internet connection availability, latency and speeds.
  • Monitored anti-virus systems.
  • Software patch management.
  • Monitoring of backups, disaster recovery and business continuity services.


These allow us to avoid typical faults that can cause disruption and downtime, such as:

  • Backups failing to complete.
  • Antivirus software not updating itself.
  • Security patches missing from servers and PCs.
  • Internet connections reaching capacity or service degradation.
  • Servers running out of storage space.





The Evolution of IT

Are you looking for ways to optimise your IT infrastructure and develop an IT strategy to facilitate your business growth?

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