Onsite and Remote IT Support Services

Our 24/7 IT support services are fast, personal and efficient. We are always on hand, ready to solve any technical problems your business is facing.

The success rate of both our onsite and remote IT support services reflects our long experience. We are able to resolve more than 90% of support problems remotely, which gives faster resolution and reduces downtime and costs. Cases that require an onsite visit are resolved with a prompt visit by one of our team of experienced IT engineers.

Every problem you have is logged and tracked until it is resolved. From first contact to case resolution, you have access to the progress we are making with your dedicated Case Portal.

Our promises are backed up by an SLA upon which we measure our performance in our regular IT support service reports.


Onsite engineers and scheduled site visits


We can schedule regular site visits from an engineer to offer IT support services at your office location. The frequency and duration of these visits will vary according to your needs and can extend as far as placing one or more  engineers onsite on a full-time basis when the situation demands it.





The Evolution of IT

Are you looking for ways to optimise your IT infrastructure and develop an IT strategy to facilitate your business growth?

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